Zoe Joy Roelant has always been a busy bee. From a young age, she has had a keen interest in acting and has devoted herself to lots of activities in her spare time. She acted, danced and practiced gymnastics. At 13 years old, she went to a summer theatre camp where she fell in love with the idea of exploring different human characteristics as an actress.

Then at 16, she started acting in ‘De Goudbloem’ (Vilvoorde, Belgium) and ‘Jongerenkunstgroep Element’ (Vilvoorde, Belgium).

When she was 18, she decided to study journalism. She graduated three years later. Still hungry for knowledge, she freelanced at a local news channel RTV in Belgium. In the meantime she went on to study a Masters degree in theatre, film and literature studies at the University of Antwerp.

During her last year at the University of Antwerp she auditioned for East 15 Acting school and she got in. She was selected from over 2000 candidates.

Whilst on the acting program, she has been involved in a lot of productions. The most notable is ‘Macbeth’ which was directed by Philip Cumbus. This piece was performed at Shakespeare’s Globe theatre in London. Her most recent production was ‘The Effect’ where she played a psychologist and was directed by Jessica Harris.

In Belgium she was in a play called ‘empty spaces’, she appeared in a shortfilm,… And recently she played the part of ‘Hilde’ in the BBC-series ‘The Missing’. She also teaches acting at the Flanders Acting Studio in Brussels.